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How can I benefit from working with Furryllama Media Productions?

Furryllama Media Productions assures that your project will be completed on time, on budget, and in accordance with the latest quality and technical standards. Furryllama Media Productions handles projects ranging from a simple personal website to large multifaceted comprehensive internet presences. Our services are confidential and reliable. Copyright on the final end product belongs to you. By using Furryllama Media Productions, you will reduce your cost. You also achieve savings on equipment, maintenance and infrastructure required during development as well as post development if you decide to use our Hosting and Marketing & Promotion services.
How will I know how my project is progressing?

You monitor the development completely and every phase of development has material results that you can see and review. The complete scope of the work is defined at the initial phase of development and approved by you. We are interested in long-term business relationships with our clients.
What makes Furryllama Media Productions different from all the others?

Professionalism, knowledge, reliability and flexibility, combined with fair, reasonable prices typically below current market.
What are Furryllama Media Productions' standard Terms and Conditions?

Furryllama Media Productions typically does not base a business relationship on paper contracts but rather on mutual trust and understanding regarding the benefits of a business relationship. Furryllama Media Productions issues an invoice upon completion and approval of end product according to the Payment Schedule which is a part of the Project Plan approved by you. For further information see Service Agreement.
Let's get started. What should I do?

You provide us with project specifications in a format with which you are comfortable such as, email, PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint formats, etc. If you prefer, you can keep the specifications simple and not go into too much detail. We'll review what you have and ask appropriate questions (if required) to further define the scope of the project. Once the scope of the project is well defined, we will provide you a fee quote for said project. If you accept our fee, we will start work and keep you updated on progress. Typical delivery time usually spans approximately two weeks, but could last longer depending on your requirements.
Contact us with your business requirements, ideas or questions.
Does Furryllama Media Productions bill hourly or provide a fixed fee?

We can do both. For small jobs, it is usually best to work on an hourly basis. For bigger projects, it is best that we provide you with a fixed price quote.
I want a website similar in functionality to one which already exists on the web. How can you help?

Just let us know the URL of the site you like and we will study its functionality. Based on the study, we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis and an opinion regarding functionality for your purposes.
I have work which I need done overnight.

Furryllama Media Productions can take up new projects on short notice or no notice at all.

Do you charge for a quote?

No, we do not. We will provide you a quote free-of-cost and with no obligation.

What should I do if I am not exactly sure what functionality I need?

Do not feel alone. This is not an uncommon situation.
Contact us, even with an idea. We will help you define your actual requirements.
May I pay my invoice online?

Absolutely! You may use your VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVERY, or AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD to pay your bill.

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